Can I Unload a 20ft Trailer In One Load

November 6, 2018

Weekend Projects…

This past weekend, on the East Texas Homestead, we spent most of our time with odds and ends. There was no big homesteading project to cover.

That doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty to do. Luckily, the weather in East Texas was absolutely gorgeous so it was nice to be outside.

I did a good amount of pressure washing and cleaning up the boy’s toys in the yard. We’ve also got this blow-up pirate ship pool that needed to be put away.

The previous weekend, we cut down a Bradford Pear tree at my in-law’s house. It needed to be unloaded and tossed into the woods.

As a side note, some may wonder why we would bring the dead tree back to our homestead as opposed to taking it to the landfill. The tree will eventually decompose and turn into soil which is good for our land. In the meantime, it provides a great habitat for animals living on our property.

Back to the story. I could have unloaded it by hand or rigged up some sort of chain or rope to pull it off. However, I’ve got this John Deere 4044m and grapple, as seen in a previous video.

How many trips with the tractor do you think it takes to unload a 20 foot Big Tex trailer?

You will have to watch the video to find out, but it sure beats unloading it by hand.

Aside from going to the state park with the family, which was awesome, that was pretty much the entire weekend. If you like seeing our adventures and projects on our East Texas Homestead, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the bell notification icon so you don’t miss anything.