Learn how to use a hi-lift-hack for winching on your homestead

If you’re a homesteader, you will want to know how to use a Hi-Lift Jack for winching.

A man demonstrating How To Use A Hi-Lift Jack For Winching a vehicle out of the mud

Man using a hi-lift jack to winch an SUV out of the mud. Photo from amazon.com product page.

One thing that homesteaders are pretty good at is getting the most out of their tools by maximizing the ways they can be used. The Hi-Lift Jack is one of those tools that has a primary feature (lifting objects, usually vehicles), but can be used for many other applications.

One of my favorite secondary uses of the Hi-Lift Jack, and one that doesn’t get a lot of attention, is to use it for winching. Learning how to use a Hi-Lift jack for winching is a must know skill for any homesteader. Not only will it help you recover a stuck vehicle, as I did last week, but the skill can translate to many other homestead activities.

Hi-Lift Jack can be used for:

  • Lifting a vehicle while changing a tire
  • Supporting a load bearing beam while replacing the support
  • Building a treehouse (demonstrated by Cody at wranglerstar.com)
  • Winching a stuck vehicle or other stuck object
  • Tightening a fence
  • Clamp or crush an object
  • Lift a shed to drive a trailer under it
  • Hundreds of other applications.

Do you have a Hi-LIft Jack on your homestead?

If for some reason you find yourself homesteading without a Hi-Lift Jack, I strongly recommend you get one. You should be able to find them at any good hardware store. If that doesn’t work, the next best place would be amazon.com. No matter where you find one, you will be glad you did.

Watch this video on how to use a Hi-Lift Jack for winching

Hi-Lift Jack and Accessories from Amazon.com

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