Help Installing Dryer Vent in Middle of House

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See how we installed a dryer vent in the middle of our house

During our mobile home reno, figuring out how to install our dryer vent in the middle of our house proved to be a bit of a challenge. Before giving up and changing the house layout, again, I found a product that allows you to go down through the floor and send the dryer vent out where you need it. This is all assuming your house or mobile home is not sitting on a slab foundation.

If you find yourself googling “Installing Dryer Vent in Middle of House” or something similar, this post may just make your day. I put together a short video that will show you how to place your dryer vent in the middle of your house using an adjustable periscope dryer vent.

In almost every well-planed home layout, the home builder will place the dryer on an exterior wall. This makes it much easier to vent straight out the wall to the outside. However, in some situations, placing the dryer on an interior wall is the only option. We found ourselves in that exact predicament.

Video: Installing Dryer Vent in Middle of House

I don’t walk you through the steps on exactly how to install the periscope dryer vent. However, you should be able to get the main idea and know how to get around the exterior wall predicament.

One thing I need to mention, the periscope dryer vent would work even better than I have it if you were to place it inside the wall. I was unable to do so because there was a floor joist running under the wall and it would have been too complicated to change that.

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