East Texas Homestead Family Vlog

We Started a Family Vlog

We’ve started vlogging over on our YouTube channel. Yes, I know. How could we let this happen? Well, here’s the thing, we’re not turning our channel into a vlog, we are adding additional content for those who would like to watch it.

We are stepping up our video production game and want to bring you y’all as much content as possible. Since I (Eric) still work a day job, I can only handle so much video editing.

An East Texas Homestead Family Vlog will be pretty easy to edit and upload since we are constantly taking video of our kids anyway. As an added benefit, YouTube likes to see constant uploads. This will help us get exposure and grow the channel.

Growing the channel is critical in order for us to keep going. It takes a lot of work to continually bring new content and as fun as it is, the main purpose of the channel is to become a good source of revenue for our family.

We make a little money on YouTube but…

Aside from the money we receive from YouTube, We make a little from the Amazon Affiliate Program. If you’d like an easy way to contribute financially to our family, there’s probably no better way than by doing your online shopping through the link below.

If you click on the banner above, everything will appear exactly as you would expect from Amazon.com. The prices will be exactly the same as if you went straight to the site. The only difference is that we will receive a small percentage of your purchase price as a commission. Pretty cool right?

I hope y’all will enjoy the East Texas Family Vlog. We are having fun putting it together. Let us know what you think in the videos comment section and as always, like the videos and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already.

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