Off-Grid Homestead – We’re going solar!

Going Off-Grid In East Texas

Living off-grid means being independent from the utility company – you generate your own electricity with solar panels and store it in batteries. It’s a big upfront investment, but it pays for itself quickly and then some. Plus, there’s nothing like the feeling of being completely self-sufficient!

We’ve been dreaming of going off-grid for years and have finally pulled the plug. Well, at least we’ve started the process.

Our homestead has been on a water well since the beginning, but today we start the journey of going off-grid for our energy.

Join us as we start this video series by going off-grid with solar panels and batteries. In this video series, we’re going to show you how you can turn your homestead into an energy-independent homestead.

In this series, we’re going to cover all these off-grid solar topics:

  • Selecting The Right Location
  • Building A Solar Ground Mount
  • Off-grid Solar System Basics
  • Components of an Off-grid Solar System
  • Sizing an Off-grid Solar System
  • Adding Batteries To Your Solar Panels
  • Cost of Going Off-grid with Solar
  • Benefits of Going Off-grid with Solar
  • Tips for Going Off-grid with Solar
  • And More…

We hope you enjoy this series, and it encourages you to take the steps to energy independence.

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