We’ve Started a New Swale on the Homestead

I’ve spent the last three years trying to decide the best way to deal with the constant flow of water behind our house. I’ve decided to channel it into a secondary swale before it overflows into the creek.

As we started removing dirt mounds, left over from cutting out the house pad, I realized that with a little work, we could move the water back around the land and create this secondary swale system. Thanks to the new tractor and its massive rear blade, it took just a short time to cut the trench and put the backbone of the swale in.

If a diehard permaculturalist watches this video they will say it’s not a true swale and that i’m doing it wrong. Sure, traditionally one would scoop out the dirt, creating a trench, and place it directly on the downhill side of where it came. I don’t have that option at the moment so I will be bringing the mound portion of the swale from another part of the property.

I’d love to hear what you think. Are you putting any swales on your property? Is this a “real swale”? Let me know below.

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