We’re upgrading to the EG4 6000XP inverters from the 6000EX inverters.

From the EG4 6000ex to the 6000xp

Why are we making the switch to the EG4 6000XP inverters?

I want to share with you my recent experience of upgrading our homestead’s solar system with the EG4 6000XP Off-Grid Inverters. It’s been an exciting and educational journey, and I’m here to break down how this upgrade is revolutionizing our energy setup.

Our history with the EG4 6000EX Inverters (Old Version) 

If you’ve been following us on YouTube, you know that we purchased an entire off-grid solar system and have been slowly building it out. Check out our playlist East Texas Homestead Off Grid Solar Playlist. 

This system started off with the original EG4 split phase inverter, the 6000EX. This off grid inverter was truely amazing when it was first announced and it continues to be a powerhouse. 

As we built out our off-grid solar system, we slowly added parts and inverters. We started with one split phase EG4 inverter and then added a second. This worked great and the inverters performed amazingly. They even ran our 5HP well pump which takes a ton of energy. 

For some reason, when we added a 3rd 6000EX inverter (The old style), things started going a bit crazy. We still don’t know what the exact problem was but that was a pivital moment for us and things got frustrating. Check out this video to learn more about it. 

An offer we couldn’t refuse

Around that time, Signature Solar, offered to take back our old 6000EX inverters and give us brand new 6000XP inverters as part of a special offer to their affiliates!

This was too good to pass up, so we took them up on the offer. 

The new EG4 48V inverters were out of stock so we waited 6 weeks to get them in. We now have the 6KW off grid inverters and we’ve started the replacement process.

Check out our video on removing the old inverters and installing our first 6000XP. 

From 6000EX to 6000XP

Embracing the Power of the EG4 6000XP

Our new journey began with the decision to replace our existing 6000EX inverters. The 6000EX served us well, but with technology advancing, the 6000XP’s promise of higher efficiency and integrated features was too good to pass up. The unboxing itself was a exciting – the sleek design and robust build of the 6000XP immediately signalled a significant upgrade.

Navigating the Size Difference

One of the first challenges we faced was the size difference between the old and new inverters. The 6000XP, being larger, required some rethinking of our setup. It wasn’t just a simple swap; it involved remeasuring and repositioning equipment to accommodate the new units. This process reminded me that in the world of off-grid living, adaptability is key.

Integrating New Features

The 6000XP comes with several integrated features that simplify our solar setup. The most notable is the inclusion of switchgear and breakers within the unit. This integration not only saves space but also reduces additional costs of external components. It’s amazing how these integrated solutions, that EG4 has added to the 6000EX, make the system more streamlined and user-friendly.

Rewiring Our Off-Grid Setup for Efficiency

With new equipment came the task of rewiring. This step was crucial to ensure that the system operated at its peak efficiency. We had to ensure that cable lengths were consistent for optimal power distribution. This hands-on process was a great learning experience, reaffirming the importance of attention to detail in solar system setups.

Installation: A Test of Patience and Skill

Installing the 6000XP was both challenging and rewarding. Mounting the lighter but larger unit required precision and a bit of muscle. But the satisfaction of seeing the first of three off-grid inverter securely in place was immense. This process underscored the essence of DIY projects on a homestead – it’s about the journey as much as the destination.

Final Thoughts and Looking Ahead

As I look at our upgraded solar system, I feel a deep sense of accomplishment. This upgrade is not just about more power; it’s about enhancing our self-reliance and sustainability. The EG4 6000XP represents a significant step forward in our homesteading journey, bringing us closer to our goal of efficient and reliable off-grid living.

If you’re considering upgrading your solar system or are just curious about off-grid living, check out our video where I dive into the details of this upgrade. And if you’re looking to get your hands on the EG4 6000XP or other solar essentials, don’t forget to use our affiliate links:

EG4 6000XP Off-Grid Inverter
Signature Solar Homepage

Thanks for joining me on this adventure, and here’s to many more on East Texas Homestead!

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