Building a Raised Garden Bed With Wood Sides From a Pine Tree

Building a raised garden bed with wood sides from a pine tree

3 Part Video Series on Building a Raised Garden Bed

Now that our house is mostly finished and we are living on the homestead, It’s time to put in a garden. We would love to go big but the truth is, I haven’t managed a garden in almost 20 years.

We decided to start with a single raised garden bed this spring. Unlike most raised beds you’ll find on the internet, this one is actually pretty big. But the cool factor comes from the unique wood sides. I milled the garden bed sides from a pine tree that we cut down when putting in our septic system.

Cutting The Raised Bed Sides

The first video below shows the process of turning a pine tree into the necessary lumber needed for the raised garden bed.

Assembling The Raised Garden Bed

Now that we have two 15 foot and two 5 foot planks cut, it’s time to construct the bed. This is extremely simple. To build the raised beds, we simply screwed the four planks together at the corners and placed one cross member in the center.

Without taking the time to film the process of building the raised bed sides, it’s probably about a 10-minute job.

This second video shows the process of how to build a raised garden bed with wood sides.

Filling The Raised Garden Bed With Good Soil

After constructing the raised bed, we needed to fill it with soil. It’s important that you have good soil life when gardening. Most people assume that when you fertilize, you are feeding the plants. The truth is that you are feeding the soil organisms and they return the favor by feeding your plants what they need.

When filling the raised garden bed with soil, we added quite a few amendments to boost fertility. This final video in this series shows our process for filling a raised garden bed with nutrient rich soil that’s ideal for growing high-quality food.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this 3 part video series on building a raised garden bed with wood sides from a pine tree. It was a lot of fun to make and we are looking forward to harvesting nutrient rich food from it.

I’d love to hear what you think. Have you taken the step toward food independence by starting a garden? If so, let me know below what your favorite things to grow are.

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