Mr. Heater Big Buddy Buying Guide

Mr. Heater - Big Buddy with 20 pound propane tank

Buying Guide for Mr. Heater Big Buddy with the links below Below

There can be a lot of confusion around which parts to buy for the Mr. Heater Big Buddy when using a Mr. Heater hose connected to a 20 pound propane tank. This page is dedicated to helping you make a wise decision.

I’ve posted two articles and two videos that will hopefully help aid you in the buying process.

We are going to start with our Mr. Heater Big Buddy Quick Links. This is a summery of everything you will need with one click. Below the quick links, you will find a detailed description of many Mr. Heater items. This will help clear up any confusion you may have about these items.

Mr. Heater Big Buddy Quick Links


Mr. Heater Big Buddy MH18B, Portable Propane Heater

Mr. Heater MH18B, Portable Propane HeaterI’ve personally been using this heater for over a month now and it is the best portable propane heater I’ve seen. If you’re looking for an additional heat source or something to use for emergencies, I can’t recommend the Big Buddy enough.

The Mr. Heater Big Buddy was designed to take portable heat to a new level. Heating up to 400 sq ft., this propane heater puts out 18,000 BTU/HR. While offering a fan option, the radiant heat is what makes the Big Buddy awesome. The heater is equipped with a multi-position heat settings dial along with built-in low oxygen sensor. One of my favorite features is the tip over switch which ensures safe and reliable portable heat.


Mr. Heater Quick Disconnect Hose with Regulator for Big Buddy Heaters #F271803

Mr. Heater Hose with Regulator and Quick Disconnect for Big Buddy Heater #F271803This is the top of the line hose when it comes to connecting the Mr. Heater Big Buddy to a 2o pound propane tank.  It comes equipped with a regulator that reduces the pressure from your 20 pound tank to the lower pressure used in the Big Buddy heater.

Most hoses don’t have the regulator on them because each side of the Mr. Heater Big Buddy has a regulator built in. However, Since this hose utilizes the Quick Disconnect feature, it bypasses the two built in regulators.

While not necessary, The Quick Disconnect feature is a nice addition to the portability of this propane space heater. Note, there is only one Quick Disconnect located on the Mr. Heater Big Buddy. If you wish to connect two 20 pound propane tanks, you must use one of two options. 1: Use the standard connection on one side and the quick connect on the other. 2: Use the Mr. Heater 2-Tank Hook-Up Kit.


Mr. Heater 12′ Standard Hose 75,000 BTU 12-Foot Propane Hose Assembly #F273702

Mr. Heater 75,000 BTU 12-Foot Propane Hose Assembly #F273702

This 12′ propane hose is a great way to connect your Mr. Heater Big Buddy portable heater to a 20 pound propane tank. It is long enough to place your 20 pound tank at a safe distance, yet short enough to be manageable.

This hose has a 4.3 star ratting on with over 100 5 stars. It is also an amazon prime item so you can get it shipped to your house for free in 2 days!

You can save a few bucks by shopping at your local hardware store for an off brand version (this is what I did).

NOTE: you should use a Fuel Filter on this hose when connecting to a 5-20 pound propane tank.


Mr. Heater Fuel Filter for Big Buddy Heaters #F273699

Mr. Heater Fuel Filter for Portable Buddy and Big Buddy Heaters When using the 12-Foot Propane Hose Assembly, listed above, it is recommended that you use the Mr. Heater Fuel Filter.

  • F273699 fuel filter
  • Used with Mr. Heater Big Buddy or Portable Buddy
  • Recommended when using F273701 or F273702 hoses
  • Attaches directly to heater
  • Keeps contaminanats from entering the heater

While this Mr. Heater Fuel Filter is not required, it is a small investment that is well worth the price.


Additional Mr. Heater Products

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