I’ve spent the last three years trying to decide the best way to deal with the constant flow of water behind our house. I’ve decided to channel it into a secondary swale before it overflows into the creek.

As we started removing dirt mounds, left over from cutting out the house pad, I realized that with a little work, we could move the water back around the land and create this secondary swale system. Thanks to the new tractor and its massive rear blade, it took just a short time to cut the trench and put the backbone of the swale in.

If a diehard permaculturalist watches this video they will say it’s not a true swale and that i’m doing it wrong. Sure, traditionally one would scoop out the dirt, creating a trench, and place it directly on the downhill side of where it came. I don’t have that option at the moment so I will be bringing the mound portion of the swale from another part of the property.

I’d love to hear what you think. Are you putting any swales on your property? Is this a “real swale”? Let me know below.

Poster image for Installing Dryer Vent in Middle of House video

See how we installed a dryer vent in the middle of our house

During our mobile home reno, figuring out how to install our dryer vent in the middle of our house proved to be a bit of a challenge. Before giving up and changing the house layout, again, I found a product that allows you to go down through the floor and send the dryer vent out where you need it. This is all assuming your house or mobile home is not sitting on a slab foundation.

If you find yourself googling “Installing Dryer Vent in Middle of House” or something similar, this post may just make your day. I put together a short video that will show you how to place your dryer vent in the middle of your house using an adjustable periscope dryer vent.

In almost every well-planed home layout, the home builder will place the dryer on an exterior wall. This makes it much easier to vent straight out the wall to the outside. However, in some situations, placing the dryer on an interior wall is the only option. We found ourselves in that exact predicament.

Video: Installing Dryer Vent in Middle of House

I don’t walk you through the steps on exactly how to install the periscope dryer vent. However, you should be able to get the main idea and know how to get around the exterior wall predicament.

One thing I need to mention, the periscope dryer vent would work even better than I have it if you were to place it inside the wall. I was unable to do so because there was a floor joist running under the wall and it would have been too complicated to change that.

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We Started a Family Vlog

We’ve started vlogging over on our YouTube channel. Yes, I know. How could we let this happen? Well, here’s the thing, we’re not turning our channel into a vlog, we are adding additional content for those who would like to watch it.

We are stepping up our video production game and want to bring you y’all as much content as possible. Since I (Eric) still work a day job, I can only handle so much video editing.

An East Texas Homestead Family Vlog will be pretty easy to edit and upload since we are constantly taking video of our kids anyway. As an added benefit, YouTube likes to see constant uploads. This will help us get exposure and grow the channel.

Growing the channel is critical in order for us to keep going. It takes a lot of work to continually bring new content and as fun as it is, the main purpose of the channel is to become a good source of revenue for our family.

We make a little money on YouTube but…

Aside from the money we receive from YouTube, We make a little from the Amazon Affiliate Program. If you’d like an easy way to contribute financially to our family, there’s probably no better way than by doing your online shopping through the link below.

If you click on the banner above, everything will appear exactly as you would expect from Amazon.com. The prices will be exactly the same as if you went straight to the site. The only difference is that we will receive a small percentage of your purchase price as a commission. Pretty cool right?

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Video thumbnail for DIY Homesteading Videos | How to Build Wood Sides for Utility Trailer | #EastTexasHomestead

Have you ever wanted to put sides on your flatbed trailer?

In this easy DIY homesteading project video, Eric will show you How to Build Wood Sides for a Utility Trailer or flatbed trailer. Utility trailer modifications can be intimidating, but with a little planning, they can be quite simple.

If you’re looking for a step by step plan on how to build utility trailer sides, this may not be for you. However, if you’re the kind of homesteader who can see something being built and take the idea and run with it then this is for you.

We started with a 20 foot Big Tex utility trailer and some reclaimed 2×6’s. It total, the wood side trailer upgrade cost less than $20!

Now for the Tools I mentioned.

I price checked amazon.com vs Lowe’s for the Irwin Quick Grip Clamps and they were very comparable in price. I would recommend getting them locally if you can but I totally understand getting free 2-day shipping on your orders from amazon prime. Having said that I cannot find the one that I am using in this video on amazon prime.

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Our oldest son (we call him Buddy) came out to help me unload a yard of mulch from the truck while the rest of the family was still sleeping. At 4-years-old, he wasn’t able to move much but I love having him with me when I work.

After a few minutes, he asked if he could take pictures. I handed him my iPhone and let him do his thing. All I did in this video was stitched the clips together and added the music. the rest is life from his point of view.


Milkweed Assassin Bug

I was in my garden Saturday and saw this milkweed assassin bug chilling on a blackberry bush. There was a honeybee buzzing around as well. I decided to try the 4K video on my new iPhone SE. This may be the first time a milkweed assassin bug has been shot in 4K. I like to think so anyway.

Most Commonly Known As:

Milkweed Assassin Bug

Species Name:

Zelus Longipes Linnaeus

Beneficial To:

Gardeners, Citrus Growers, Homesteaders, etc.