Butterfly Craft

paper plate butterfly craft

yellow swallowtail butterflyOne morning Buddy’s Grandpa brought in a beautiful butterfly that had died attached to the front of his truck. It was a big butterfly that was yellow and black. Buddy immediately wanted to know what kind of butterfly it was. So instead of telling him we didn’t know, my husband looked it up and we discovered it was called a black swallowtail.

Buddy was fascinated with this butterfly and looked at it and held it very gently throughout the day. I decided that this would be our focus for our craft and lesson for the day. We talked about butterflies and their life cycles. I read Buddy The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. We talked and looked at the pictures of how the caterpillar came from an egg, ate a lot, made a cocoon, and turned into a very beautiful butterfly. Next, I gathered a few supplies and we got to work making a butterfly during little Dude’s morning nap.

Here’s how it turned out:

back paper plate butterfly

front paper plate butterfly


This craft is super easy to make!


* Black Construction paper

*Paper plate


*Markers (you could also use crayons, paint, etc.)

*Googly eyes (optional)


1. Cut the paper plate in half. I did a curved pattern to make the wings curved like a butterflies.

2. Trace your child’s foot or shoe on the black construction paper and then cut it out. This will be the body of the butterfly.

3. Let your child put googly eyes and 2 antennas on the body of the butterfly.

4. Have your child decorate the wings by drawing on it with markers.

5. Glue the body to the paper plate wings.  Now your child has made a beautiful butterfly!

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