Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?!

Fun Snowman Craft for Kids Featured Image

Fun Snowman Craft for Kids!

Building a Snowman with Buddy

Eric and Buddy building a snowman!

Well Folks, this week, we finally had a winter here in East Texas! It actually snowed several inches and yes, we built a snowman to celebrate! I know what you are thinking and we did follow that activity with watching Frozen while drinking vegan hot cocoa!

Buddy and I also made a craft snowman to remember this day by and I wanted to share this quick, easy activity with you in case you wanted to build a snowman inside!

Materials for snowman craft:

  • Cotton balls
  • Paper plates (we used one, but you could use up to three)
  • Glue
  • Construction paper (Black- for eyes, buttons, smile, Blue orwhatever color your child chooses for a hat, and orange for the nose)


Procedures for snowman craft:

  1. Fun Snowman Craft for KidsPut glue all over the paper plate or plates. We only used one and just made a snowman face/head, but you could use three and make the head, belly, and the rest of the body.
  2. Let your child put cotton balls on the paper plate/s. If you are running low on cotton balls, they can be stretched to go farther.
  3. Cut out the hat, eyes, nose, and whatever else your child needs on their snowman and glue on top of the cotton balls!

*I love to hang Buddy’s art work up on the wall in his bedroom, so he can enjoy it everyday, but today we hung it on his door and he showed it to Daddy the first minute Daddy got home from work! He was so proud of it!


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