Fresh Rotisserie Chickens for Under $2.50!

Fresh Rotisserie Chickens for Under $2.50!

If you love good food for less, keep reading!

One would be hard pressed to find a better deal on food than the rotisserie chickens from Sam’s club. While these are not organic free range chickens that have been given personal care, they provide a lot of meat for around $5. Just last week, we purchased one of these rotisserie chickens and used it for everything from chicken nacho and burritos to sandwiches. When we were done picking all the meat off the rotisserie chicken, we placed the entire carcass in a pot and made chicken soup.

Half Priced Walmart Rotisserie Chicken in the boxLast night I was picking up a few things from the near by Walmart Market when I heard an announcement over the intercom. “Attention Walmart shoppers, all remaining rotisserie chickens are now half off”. That’s $2.49 per bird! Although I started on that side of the store, I walked back across to take a look. I expected to see rotisserie chickens that were cooked a couple days before and were on the verge of going bad.

To my surprise, the remaining rotisserie chickens came out of the oven at 7:00 pm and it was now 8:10 pm the same day. I asked the two ladies behind the counter if this was a promotional sale or if they discounted the rotisserie chickens every night. She said it is done nightly. They close that department at 8:00 and are out by 9:00 after cleaning up. Between that time, all rotisserie chickens are half off. Any that are left at 9:00 pm are discarded.

Half Priced Walmart Rotisserie Chicken Cut Up

I took two of these birds home last night. One went in the fridge to be eaten on for the next week and the other was cut up and placed in the freezer for future meals.

Besides the great price on the rotisserie chickens, the best part to me is that they are safe for my boys to eat. Since they both suffer from life threatening food allergies, we have a hard time finding prepared foods they they both can eat. In most cases, these rotisserie chickens are allergy safe. As with everything, be sure to check the label before eating or feeding it to your kids.

I’m not sure if the discounted rotisserie chickens can be found at 8:00 pm at all Walmarts or not but if you are looking to save on food, this is worth asking your local meet department manager about.

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  1. My local walmart (about an hour south of Dallas) constantly has cold rotisseries for $2.50! I pick up 2-3 at a time, pick them clean for snacking, soups, stir frys, etc, then make stock from the bones. They’re such a great deal. I have quite a few gallon zip-loc bags full of shredded chicken in my freezer!

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