Homestead Plant of The Week | 001 | Methley Plum Tree

Methley Plum Tree

Image from Ken Muir

Eating a plum instantly takes me back to my childhood. As a young boy, I loved eating this deliciously juicy, sweet, and sometimes tart fruit. Back then I thought a plum was a plum. To be honest, It was only a couple years ago when I realized that fruit came in different varieties. It was only recently that I first heard of the Methley Plum Tree.

This beautiful tree is hardy, produces huge amounts of fruit (sometimes requiring multiple harvests), tastes great right off the tree or when made into a jam and is self pollinating which means it does not require another plum tree to produce fruit. Many say it is the most beautiful and productive of all plum trees. It grows well in USDA zones 5-9, is heat tolerant and requires little to no pruning. Why wouldn’t you want to grow this tree!

I currently am only growing Santa Rosa Plums, but when I get a chance, I’m going to plant some Methley Plum Trees.

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Each week, Jack Spirko features Bob Wells plant of the week on The Survival Podcast. I’ve really enjoyed learning about these plants and would like to feature them as well. Bob Wells Nursery is located in Lindale, Texas so you can bet his recommendations will do well on an East Texas homestead.

Bob Wells Plant of the Week – Methley Plum Tree

The Methley Plum is highly adaptable from zone 5 to zone 9.  It is a juicy sweet plum with red flesh, reddish purple skin and great flavor.

It is an attractive tree that is vigorous and bears heavy. It ripens early and is very cold hardy. This is Bob Wells personal favorite when it comes to plums.

Bob Wells Nursery specializes in anything edible: Fruit trees, Berry Plants, Nut Trees, as well as the hard to find Specialty Trees.  Find this plant and more at

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