How to make Toddler Friendly Crayons!

Making Toddler Friendly Crayons In the Sun

Making Toddler Friendly CrayonsMaking Toddler Friendly Crayons is Fun and Easy

Making your own toddler friendly crayons is super duper easy and your toddler can help! Not only can your child (I’d say good for ages 2-5) help but I’ll give you some tips to make the activity educational as well.

A few weeks ago, Buddy and I were at one of his many allergy appointments and we noticed the nurse refilling the crayon box. I asked her what she was about to do with the old, used crayons and she said she was going to throw them away. Instead of watching her do this, I asked if I could have them! She said absolutely and Buddy helped fill his backpack with broken crayons!

When we got home, we set to work making new crayons!

Here’s how we made the Toddler Crayons

  1. Buddy filling the muffin tin with broken crayonsWhile he took his afternoon rest, I peeled paper off the crayons and broke them into thirds or halves depending on their size.
  2. After Buddy was done resting, he filled a mini muffin tin (not sprayed) with the broken crayons. I let him put the colors wherever he wanted!
  3. We set the tray outside to let the crayons melt (it was summer so the sun did its job!). We checked on the crayons progress every 15-30 minutes. It took about 1 1/2 hrs. for them to completely melt. NOTE: If they are not melting or its not hot enough outside you can always put them in your oven to melt (250 degrees for about 15 min).
  4. Toddler Friendly CrayonsWhen they are completely melted, bring them inside to cool. You can speed up the process by placing them in the refrigerator for a few minutes, but they will cool just fine on the counter.
  5. After they are completely cool they will just pop out of the muffin tin and be ready to use!

Have Fun and remember to let your toddler/child help you as much as possible!

Tips for making this fun craft educational

  • By placing the pieces of used crayons in the muffin tin your child is using fine motor skills. In addition, when they color with these new crayons y’all created, your child is using gross motor skills.
  • Discuss the names of the colors as your child fills the muffin tin.
  • Count the pieces of broken crayons as they fill the muffin tin!
  • If you want to get real crazy you can also discuss the crayon shape before (cylinder) and after (circle) the craft! (Shapes)

Many skills can be taught with this simple project! Always be on the lookout for ways to educate your kids.

I would love to see how this fun craft went for you. Post pics to our Facebook page to encourage others to with how easy this is!

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