Huggies Diaper reward stickers are pointless to save!

huggies reward sticker

Huggies Rewards StickerHuggies Diaper reward stickers are pointless to save!

My husband and I started saving Huggies Diaper reward stickers when Buddy was first born over 3 years ago. We saved them consistently and every now and then would enter them into the

A couple months ago we were running low on diapers and I thought I would finish entering in the huge stack of 15-digit reward sticker codes. This took several hours! no lie! I was excited to see how many boxes of diapers I could get. Ha! I had enough points (after 3 years) to get a 68 count box of diapers.

I am truly disappointed with Huggies. I love their diapers and will continue to buy them, but their reward points are not worth the effort to peel off every diaper and wipes bag!

Huggies diaper box and wipes

The box of wipes on the right shows you how small the box of diapers actually is.

Have you spent hours entering these points as well? Let me know your experience with them.

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