Micro Swale | End of Summer Video Review

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Hey y’all. I wanted to give you a look at how the micro swale made it through the summer. It wasn’t until the end of summer that we got the water well up and running. The plants and trees did really good considering how little rain we received. The video’s a little longer than most so feel free to use the fast forward feature to get through it a little quicker.

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  1. Your berm turned out great. Now, is that city or well water ? If and when you have extra comfrey, let me know. I never managed to plant our seeds this year. We’re still working on the new house.

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      Thanks Doug! It’s well water. I’ll post again when I’ve got some comfrey cuttings to give out. There’s a good chance your seeds are still good. it wouldn’t hurt to try them anyway. Thanks for commenting!

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