New Front Door on the Future Homestead

New front door on mobile home


We removed the manufactured home’s front door and replaced it with a hand carved wooden door.

New door on Mobile Home - East Texas HomesteadWe’ve been busy the past few weeks on the future homestead with various projects. We’ve replaced the front door, which was a much larger job than expected, picked up free carpet from a friend who was replacing it with wood, spent a small fortune at Lowe’s, built a wall, purchased a trailer, scheduled a meeting to have a well dug, and the list goes on and on.

Today’s post is a quick update with some pics of our new, to us, front door. Jenn found the door at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store in Tyler, TX. It is an older door and will need to be refinished at a later date, but it has a lot of character. The door is quite a bit wider than the original mobile home door so we had to take out part of the wall and frame around it.

Since it was a used door, it wasn’t pre-hung. We decided to create the doorjamb out of red oak. This is probably the only Mobile home in East Texas with a red oak doorjamb and it is probably a little overkill but it looks nice and will last forever. Being my first doorjamb to build, It took quite a bit longer than I expected. I’m still not done with it, but it’s 90% of the way there.

Cutting off bottom of door.

I do want to feature one of the most handy tools I used while cutting down the door and hanging the door jamb on the trimmer and more. It is the IRWIN Tools QUICK-GRIP One Hand Mini Bar Clamps. These little guys are so convenient when you need an extra hand. You can clamp down tight quickly and with little effort. If you don’t have a set or two I would strongly recommend you get a couple.

Here are a few images of us replacing the mobile home front door.

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