“O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree” Craft

Art supplies for an inexpensive christmas craft

Fun and inexpensive christmas tree craft with paint chipsFun and inexpensive christmas tree craft using paint chips

As we entered this holiday season, I wanted Buddy to enjoy hanging Christmas ornaments on our Christmas tree! To do this I thought what better way than to have him make his own ornament and most of the supplies were free!

We went to our local Lowe’s and I let him pick out some paint chips. We took our colors home and I cut some green triangles in the shape of a Christmas tree and a brown rectangle for the trunk. I then hole punched the other colors Buddy had picked out and he glued his lights on the tree and of course a star for the top. I attached a red ribbon and it was ready to hang! He loved showing off his ornament to Daddy and getting to hang it on the tree when we decorated it as a family!


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