Rice Knife Review – Growtech KNK-HTS1200

Rice knife review for homesteaders

Image of the growtech knk-hts1200 grass sickle rice knife

I Love This Rice Knife!

Jenn gave me a rice knife / grass sickle for Christmas this past year. I love this thing so much I wanted to let y’all know about it. The best part is that it sells on Amazon Prime for $10 to $12 bucks!

In my opinion, this is an essential homestead hand tool. If permaculture hand tools are your thing, this grass sickle will be on your shopping list soon.

Rice Knife Video Review:

Overall, I’m very impressed with this grass sickle for the price. It comes extremely sharp and cuts herbaceous plants with ease.

I use it to chop and drop all the unwanted growth on my homestead. I’ve used it for cutting mint, comfrey, goldenrod, thistles and grass just to name a few things.

The Rice Knife Cons:

I ordered this during the winter and attempted to cut dead mint out of my garden. I usually don’t consider mint to be harder than steel. Even so, it chipped off several of the teeth on the sickle.

Final Thoughts:

The bottom line is that it’s not made from high-quality steel. I’m ok with that because I paid $12 for it. I’m really happy with the quality for the price.

Buy This Rice Knife:

If you’re thinking about purchasing this product for yourself or as a gift. Please consider shopping through the link below. By doing so, you will help our family without paying a dime extra for the product. CLICK HERE to buy this rice knife on Amazon.com.

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