Autumn Leaf Craft

Autumn Leaf Craft

Buddy, Little Dude, and I take a walk almost everyday. Some days, if the weather is nice, we take 2-3 walks.

As the season started to change from Summer to Autumn, Buddy began to┬ánotice that the leaves were changing colors. We talked about how the leaves will change colors and fall off the trees as the trees get ready to go dormant for the winter. I know what you’re thinking, isn’t this over Buddy’s little 3yr old head. Some of it is, but he understood most of what I told him.

He recently watched a video Baby Genius: Seasons which introduces the seasons by showing pictures and kids playing in each season, set to classical music. He learned and told me each season and what happens in each season (example: Spring = rain and flowers). So when I told him the leaves were changing colors and starting to fall off the trees he informed me that the season was Autumn. I also told him that some people also call this season Fall.

bowel of leavesAs we walked on, we came to Buddy’s favorite bush that is along our path. The leaves were changing colors and most of them were beautiful. The leaves ranged in colors from red, to yellow, to orange! Buddy started to pick some of these colorful leaves and I started thinking of what activity or craft we could do with them. As we walked home, I came up with an idea and told Buddy what we were going to do with his leaves. He loved the idea.

When we got home, he wanted to get right to work. I made a capital L and lowercase l in block letters on a piece of construction paper. Then, Buddy glued his leaves inside the border of each letter. Our craft turned out great! We discussed how leaf starts with Ll and he named several other things that start with Ll. We also reviewed what sound the letter Ll makes. Buddy already knows all his letters and sounds, so I wanted to expand his thinking with making the Ll with leaves and coming up with more Ll words!

Leaves making the letter Ll

The next day we went on another walk and collected another item for a letter of the alphabet! I’ll share this craft with you next week!

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