My Favorite Thanksgiving Yet

Tyler State Park on Thanksgiving Day
Buddy running over a bridge at Tyler State Park

Buddy running over a bridge at Tyler State Park

After polishing off the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers, I want to tell you about our Thanksgiving. We had initially planned to go up north to visit Jenn’s side of the family. Unfortunately, our boys got sick and we opted to forgo the 17 hour car ride due to the circumstances. We were really looking forward to visiting with family we rarely get to see, but we will try to get up there this summer.

Since we were home, we ended up going over to my grandmother’s house for a low key Thanksgiving lunch that was allergy friendly for our boys. Corn casserole is one of my favorite dishes and I was excited, but a little reluctant to try it when my mom told me she made it with tofu so my boys could eat it. To my surprise, it tasted just as good as the real thing! I will be posting her recipe in a future post.

That afternoon, we went out to Tyler State Park with some family and enjoyed the beautiful fall weather and colors. Buddy had the time of his life out there with all the “big kids”. Later in the week we had another Thanksgiving meal in which my dad and one of my sisters and her family could join.

I’m not exactly sure why this was my favorite Thanksgiving. It must have been a combination of the golden trees and the 40º/65º weather along with the extended meal time and the low key invironments we enjoyd them in. Maybe it was the fact that I was with my beautiful wife and boys for multiple days in a row. All I know is, I’ve got so much to be thankfull for in my life and am blessed to live every day. Thank you Lord for allowing me to live this life

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