Mr. Heater Big Buddy Ultimate Review

Mr. Heater Big Buddy Heater Review: How well does the Mr. Heater Big Buddy Heater work? I actually thought I posted this article and video several weeks ago, but just found it in the pending section. Even though I’m pretty sure the cold weather is over for East Texas, I’m going to put this out […]

Kobalt 1-1/2 PVC Pipe Cutter Review

December 15, 2014

I purchased this Kobalt 1-1/2 PVC Pipe Cutter on the recommendation of the Lowe’s sales person.

After the second cut, I could see slight damage to the PVC cutter blade. None of the cuts were what I consider to be good cuts. The 4th cut, in the video above, actually broke the blade in two places and shattered the PVC pipe instead of cutting it.

I give these Cobalt PVC cutters 1 out of 5 stars and will be taking them back to Lowe’s in the morning for a full refund.

Take a look at the video below and watch the Kobalt pipe cutter blade break and shatter the PVC pipe.