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Lightbulb This is a big step for most people. In fact, I would be willing to bet that coming up with the first blog post is one of the primary reasons people never start the blog they want to. Actually, I have no facts to back that up. It’s just the way I’ve felt for a while and assume others are like me.

Since this is the first post, lets talk about what this blog will be about.

My wife and I would like to post ideas, experiences, trials, and fun times for friends and family to see. Since this is a public blog, anyone is more than welcome to read, share and comment on the things we have to talk about.

We hope to cover a wide range of topics. Here’s a short list of possible posts.

Since this is our first blog, we’re not really sure what will come of it. Our hope is that people will be encouraged to try the things that work for us and be able to avoid the things that haven’t.

Do you blog? If so, post a link in the comments. I’d love to see the things you write about.

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  1. Thank you Eric & Jennifer for creating this blog & for the invite 🙂
    I am excited for both of you & the journey you & your family have taken & have yet to take! This is a wonderful idea! I think its a great way to stay in touch & fill us all in(especially those of us who are not able to be there to see in person)& witness the wondrous beauty, extraordinary creations, hard work & effort being done by y’all. At the hands of Gods given knowledge & strength. His sweet miracles & everlasting love & blessings to tie it all in 😉 I look forward to taking this journey with y’all, here, & possibly sharing ideas that may be helpful to others, I know, as well 🙂
    God Bless You Family!<3 🙂

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