Thinning a Harvester Peach Tree

How to thin a peach tree How many peaches can I grow on a 3-year-old Harvester Peach tree? I asked this question on the Homegrown Liberty Facebook Group a couple days ago. While I didn’t get an answer in the form of a number, I was given some direction and this video is the result of said direction, most of …

Sorry y’allĀ 

Hey y’all, sorry for the flood of random posts. I was trying to set up some automation between WordPress and Instagram and had a little issue. Instead of posting pics that I tagged with “#wordpress”, it posted any image with that hashtag no matter who took the pic.  I believe I’ve fixed the issue. Thanks!

State of the Homestead 2015

An organic peach grown on our homestead. It is a few weeks from being ready for harvist

East Texas Homestead Update (Mid 2015) Can you believe that this year is just about half way over? Me either! It this post, I’m going to give an overview of what’s been happening on the homestead. In some ways it feels like very little has happened in 2015 but when I start placing it all on paper, I realize how …

Homestead Plant Of The Week | 004 | Lila Avocado

Learn about growing avocado in Texas

Growing Avocado in Texas Without the avocado, would there be Tex-Mex? It’s hard to say. I for one find it hard to imagine eating such food without the rich, creamy addition that avocado brings to the table. With that said, it’s rare to find an avocado tree in Texas. In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an avocado …