State of the Homestead 2015

An organic peach grown on our homestead. It is a few weeks from being ready for harvist

East Texas Homestead Update (Mid 2015)

Can you believe that this year is just about half way over? Me either! It this post, I’m going to give an overview of what’s been happening on the homestead. In some ways it feels like very little has happened in 2015 but when I start placing it all on paper, I realize how much we have accomplished toward moving out to our future homestead!

Items accomplished in 2015 on the homestead

After typing out this list, it’s really cool to look back and see the progress that has been made. The truth is, this journey has been long and hard. It has taken a huge toll on our family. Even so, we know why we are doing this. We are looking forward to the day, in the near future, where we can step out our front door and look around at everything we can see, and know that we own it free and clear. My wife will no longer be working a full time job just to pay for our mortgage. She will be home raising our boys wild and free!

East Texas Homestead photos from the first half of 2015

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