It’s Pumpkin Time! A Fun Pumpkin Craft for Young Children

It's Pumpkin Time!

Fall is all about family and pumpkins! We recently visited our local pumpkin patch and had a wonderful time learning about pumpkins and picking them out to bring home!

After our visit to the pumpkin patch, Buddy and I read several books about pumpkins and even learned about the pumpkin’s life cycle. One of our favorite books is It’s Pumpkin Time in which children learn how to plant and take care of pumpkins as they grow and in the end carve their jack-o-lanterns!

It's Pumpkin Time!

Buddy and I read this book several times and then we made a funĀ pumpkin craft! I wanted to share how easy and fun this is and encourage you to do it with your kid(s).

Fun Pumpkin Craft Supplies List

  • Orange, brown, and green construction paper (1 piece each is plenty)
  • 1 Paper plate
  • Glue
  • Scissors


  1. Have your child tear the orange paper into pieces (fine motor skills).
    Supplies for A Fun Pumpkin Craft for Young Children
  2. Have your child glue (yes, they can do this by themselves with a little guidance) these orange pieces that they have torn onto the paper plate (gross motor skills).
    Glueing paper for A Fun Pumpkin Craft for Young Children
  3. Cut out a stem from the brown construction paper and have them glue this on the top of their paper plate pumpkin.
  4. Finally, trace around their hand on the green construction paper and cut it out. Then have them glue this next to their stem for a leaf! (I traced Buddy’s hand and cut it out because he hasn’t started to learn how to use scissors yet. An older child may be able to do both of these steps!)
    Easy Pumpkin Craft for young children

Your child has now created their own pumpkin for you to display! Buddy was so thrilled about having made his pumpkin that the minute his Daddy walked in the door he rushed to show him! He was so proud of himself!

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