An organic peach grown on our homestead. It is a few weeks from being ready for harvist

East Texas Homestead Update (Mid 2015) Can you believe that this year is just about half way over? Me either! It this post, I’m going to give an overview of what’s been happening on the homestead. In some ways it feels like very little has happened in 2015 but when I start placing it all […]

New front door on mobile home

  We removed the manufactured home’s front door and replaced it with a hand carved wooden door. We’ve been busy the past few weeks on the future homestead with various projects. We’ve replaced the front door, which was a much larger job than expected, picked up free carpet from a friend who was replacing it with […]

A new backside - Manufactured Home Reno

We’ve been busy working on the back side of the future homestead’s manufactured home. By the time we’re done with this It may as well be requalified as a site built home. At any rate, last weekend we removed the back window of the living room and replaced it with a sliding glass door. While we […]

New Roof for the Future Homestead!

October 7, 2014

I thought i would post a quick video showing the work we did this past weekend.

We’ve started the process of putting a new roof on our mobile home that will be our future homestead.

The original roof was completely trashed due to hail damage and the vents being useless.

We were able to get felt over the entire roof and shingles on a little over 1/4 of it. Not to bad for just two of us working and neither being professional roofers.

I’ll post another video once we’ve made more progress. Don’t forget to subscribe so you’ll be notified when new posts come out.